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Vodoo Endorphina


What is Voodoo?

On the surface, what Voodoo offers is a very simple premise: an online slots game with a voodoo theme. However, once you start playing, you will quickly be drawn into an enthralling, hypnotic world where it will be hard for you to leave.

Five reels, three rows, and just ten pay lines may seem like little but this is a generous game. You pick up small wins here and there but bigger wins also come along and the risk game is a simple high-low game with four cards to choose from. The Scatter symbol is a Zombie Master, who also doubles as the Wild, and if three of them appear on your screen, you’ll get ten free spins. Unfortunately, there is no bonus round.

It may sound like a fairly mundane, run-of-the-mill slots game but it is not. Where Voodoo impresses is with its lush graphic design. There is so much going on in this game and there is something new to look out for on every spin that it is impossible to take your eyes off it.

Even as the reels are spinning, your attention will be drawn to the Zombie Master who hisses at you when his symbol appears. The four-letter symbols (A, J, Q, K) appear to be drawn in thin spider webs suspended in the middle of a darkened background. Other symbols that appear are a raven, a jaguar’s head, a voodoo doll, an enchanting zombie-woman and a serpent swirling around a tree branch. However, these animations come alive when you win with them and you’ll be sure to jump out of your seat when the raven tries to fly out of the screen or the serpent threatens to bite you. And once you get into the free spins, the Zombie Master starts destroying all around him as the animations move to another level.

Why should you play Voodoo?

There is a wealth of online slots games out there. They are all based around the same ideas: reels spins, and pay lines. It is a relatively simple formula that is easy to copy. As such, it is easy to feel with many games that you have played it before because of how similar it is to others. So if you want to make a game interesting, you need to give it a gimmick or make some authentic tweak to the gameplay. If you go the gimmick route, even then it is easy to do it in a lazy way and it will not be enough to save the repetitiveness of the game.

Voodoo stands out in this regard as it wholly embraces its gimmick and makes sure that you will continue playing this title a lot longer than others. While there might not be any revolutionary tweaks to the gameplay, visually it is a feast and it has more than enough to keep you playing.

If you’re interested, give Voodoo a go at one of the many free sites out there

Casanova slot from Amatic Industries


Amatic is home to dozens of different casino games with a wide variation among their titles, the most prestigious being the Roulette Grand Jeu. Though originally a purveyor of land-based gaming machines, Amatic has successfully transitioned many of its titles to the online casino world. In fact, quite a few of the big-name online casinos have Amatic games in their collection and this looks set to increase in the coming years.

At this time, Venice was considered to be the entertainment capital of Europe, if not the world. In this setting, you will be sure to hear of the legendary stories of a man named Casanova slot, the man whose infamous lifestyle is what inspired this particular game from Amatic. As the name has been handed down through the ages and it has begun to take on a new meaning, from his origins, we can see how he developed into the man he would be and how he became synonymous with vices and leisure.

As such, Amatic decided to pay homage to this man with their very own, slot-based, interpretation of his story. The goal of the game is to seduce the three women whose faces scroll before you on the reels. There is a black-haired girl, a blonde and a redhead, all of them beautiful, so whatever your preference when it comes to hair color, you should be able to find someone to suit you. The art of seduction, in this case, involves spinning the reels and waiting for the girls to appear to you. The game evokes the lush imagery of the era with symbols of Carnival masks, carefully-crafted boxes that hide pearls inside, inviting glasses of wine, roses, gondolas, ornamental birds and roses, fans and a stunning view of the Venetian skyline. Even Cupid is on hand with his bow and arrow to help you out if you’re not having any luck. Each of the symbols produces its own enchanting sound when you win with them.

Unlock three Carnival masks and you enter into a bonus spin game where you have 10 free spins with the Casanova symbol acting as an expanding wild to help you in your quest to collect more winnings. There is also an extra Gamble game if you happen to win something. You are offered the chance to bet on the colors of the cards being shuffled before your eyes or, if you’re feeling really lucky, which suit it is going to be.

Casanova is a straightforward slot game and those of you familiar with what Amatic has to offer will be aware of what you will get from another one of its prominent titles. There is a certain charm to the game and the winnings itself are enough to make it worth giving it a go. If you are interested, it is possible to have a go online for free before taking the plunge and going at it for real.

Eye of Ra. Amatic industries


In the bitcoin casino world and why so many people are flocking to play and boosting its popularity further.

As you can imagine from its name, Eye of Ra is inspired by the mysterious and intriguing world of Ancient Egypt and it takes the idea and runs a marathon with it as the game is full of lush designs that look like they’ve been hidden deep inside the pyramids, waiting for the chance to escape and be part of this game. This is a game that’s full of colour and carefully designed animations and the game has a classic feel to its graphics, so much so that it can be like a trip back in time in to the computer games of your childhood as well as to Ancient Egypt. There is little background music which allows you to focus on the task at hand and there are enough colours and fancy animations to hold your attention.

Eye of Ra has five reels and a whopping 720 paylines so you can be sure you’ll strike gold in this game. The Wild card is the Eye of Horus and only appears on the third reel. The gamble game is a simple red or black game which can be extended to a guess ths suit game. Three pyramid symbols will land you a bonus which consists of five free spins.

There’s not a whole lot to Eye of Ra. It has regular payouts because of the multitude of paylines it possesses but, apart from that, its a fairly straightforward slots game. The Ancient Egypt theme is interesting and will draw in a lot of players, aside from the generous rewards. However, this is a game that, like many others, struggles to engage beyond the basic animations and the repetitive gameplay. There’s not a lot of bonuses to play for either so once the game becomes repetitive, there’s not much else to get your hopes up about.

If you’re interested in trying this game, you can find freeplay versions online and see what you make of it.

NetEnt Dracula Game


Digital entertainment is what we do NetEnt is a leading provider of premium gaming solutions to the world’s most successful online casino operators. We have been a true pioneer in driving the market with thrilling games powered by our cutting-edge platform. Our talented people take pride in delivering flexible digital casino solutions, so that our customers can be unique, premium, informed and ahead, all at the same time.

Dracula is a slot-game developed by Net Entertainment and uses the titular character under license from Univesal Studios. Beginning with a short animation, this 3D game takes you into the dark world of this classic horror tale. Anyone who’s interested in horror films will enjoy its dark atmosphere which also provides the odd scare.

A lot of work was done on developing the 3D graphics and this can be seen in the animations that pop up whenever you get a winning combination. The symbols used are a mix of regular card ones and more creative ones related to the Dracula story. The atmospheric music contributes to the gaming experience and can even cause a scare here and there.

Another novelty of this game is Dracula’s ability to turn into a bat while you’re playing. When this happens, he flys aross the reels and changes some of the symbols that are on display. If you get free spins, the bats will also appear in every spin. However, this isn’t a guarantee of a win.

The game has different stacked symbols which cover three of the reel positions. For example, if Dracula appears on reel 2 and the woman appears on reel 4, you can win 10 free games.A stacked wild symbol on reel 3 can also lead to wins and 2 additional spins.

Big wins aren’t that common, most wins you get are medium-sized. This is a game that will take a lot of playing before it pays off so don’t go into it hoping to get in and out quickly. That said, it is possible to win respectable totals.

While graphically and atmospherically striking at first, it becomes repetitive after a while, especially considering the need to continue playing if you’re waiting for a big payout. The developers worked hard on the presentation but they could have worked harder on its playability.

Wild Symbol: It may pop up on reels 2, 3 or 4 and in a free spin could appear as a stacked wil on reel 3.

Scatter Symbol: N/A

Free games: You get 10 free spins if stacked symbols of Dracula and the woman are shown on reels 2 and 4. During free spins, the bat feature appears in every round and you can get another 2 free games if the stacked symbol pops up on reel 3.