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Bitcoin Baccarat


Bitcoin baccarat is one of the least complicated bitcoin casino games there is, as all you need to do is bet on who you think will be graced with the next winning hand. Bitcoin baccarat is very simple, yet it makes for some heart pumping and adrenaline fuelled gambling owing to this element of luck.

A little bit of bitcoin baccarat history…

The name “baccarat” is derived from the Italian word baccarat, literally meaning zero, which comes from the fact that all tens and picture cards in the game hold a value of zero. Included in the zero value are also hands that value a total of ten, as the second number of any two-digit numbered total is taken as the hand’s final value, and so a hand of two fives for instance would mean baccarat. Dating back to the 1400s, the table game took off in France (although it has its roots in Italy) and was originally played solely among French royalty and it wasn’t until around five hundred years later that baccarat found its place in top-class casinos around Europe. After having achieved an extremely popular status all over the globe, the game’s next stage of evolution after hitting online casinos is its successor: bitcoin baccarat.

The brilliance of bitcoin baccarat

So now that you have the wonderfully decentralised and accessible bitcoin at your disposal and as you’re thankfully no longer required to seek out a casino whenever you fancy a game of baccarat, owing to the development of online gambling portals, this is where bitcoin baccarat comes in, enabling you to play this globally favoured casino game with the most prominent cryptocurrency. Bitcoin baccarat you can play from wherever you so desire – from the comfort of your own home, from your wheelie office chair on your lunch break or from your favourite spot on the train on your daily commute. Once you have Internet connection, within a snap of your fingers you can forget about the world outside, leaving just you, your bitcoin, and your opponent: the banker.

Not only can you play on whatever device from wherever you like; you can also play for as long as you like, meaning the bitcoin baccarat fun never stops, and with total player anonymity and those wonderful instant cashouts, bitcoin baccarat has never been more appealing.

Get at the bitcoin baccarat!

If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s advisable you try out a free version online before you get stuck in with your bitcoin, though as the game is so heavily based on luck, there’s not heaps you do need to know – but while there are free credits out there waiting to be used, you might as well try bitcoin baccarat for free! You can always check out the rules (see: Tableau of drawing rules) if you’re not 100% confident before you play. There are many different styles of bitcoin baccarat, some involving live dealers and other on the much more simplistic side, so whatever bitcoin casino experience you prefer, there will be a bitcoin baccarat for you.



Habanero Systems is one of the many high-profile names that are frequently seen at the Internet’s most popular casinos when you have a look at the companies that supply these sites with their games. Originally based in Asia, Habanero Systems have begun expanding into the European market so expect to see their name around a lot more. You can expect to find some fascinatingly-detailed games being released under their name so they’re worth a look…

If you’ve spent any amount of time on one of the numerous online casinos to be found around the web then you’ve probably seen the name Habanero at some point or another. Habanero is a name that rings in the ears of online gamblers as they are a big source of entertainment for many of those same players. Whatever online casino site you happen to be in, you are almost certain to come across a game that has been produced by this software developer which dedicates itself to producing high-quality games with stunning visuals and enthralling gameplay.

In existence since 2010, the name Habanero is one that is said in the same breath as other big names in the online casino gaming sector, though it has yet to establish itself on the same level as others that produce online games of a similar standard. Though originally focused on Asian casinos, in 2017 it set its sights on the European gaming market and slowly but surely is getting more exposure.

What is it that sets Habanero games apart from others? Habanero `produces visually impressive games inspired by relatively simple ideas. The beauty of these games comes from the detail put into the visual presentation of its products. Some of its products have such detailed graphics that they wouldn’t be out of place on one of the proper gaming consoles.

Habanero‘s online catalog consists of nearly a hundred online casino games, split between slots, table games, and video poker. The table games and video poker are fairly standard ones that will keep you entertained if you’re interested in these types of games. However, where Habanero‘s products truly shine is in its range of slots games. The slots are usually based on a simple premise but expand upon it with user-friendly gameplay and captivating graphics. Some of the most popular Habanero titles include Koi Gate, Jugglenaut, Fire Rooster and Bird of Thunder.

Habanero games can be found at many of the most popular online casinos, including Playamo, Limoplay, Betchan, and BitStarz. Habanero games are almost exclusively provided in HTML5 formats these days, although they’re still a few titles that run on Flash.

It’s possible to try Habanero titles for free at a few different online casinos as well as at its homepage so you can get a feel for the game, how it works and whether you like it or not before you go into one of the casinos and start playing for real.

Bitcoin Craps


One of the most thrilling and entertaining table games of the casino now has its very own online bitcoin version! Bitcoin craps are the best game if you’re looking for a quick adrenaline rush – and with the right tactics, you’re also in for a good chance of bringing that bitcoin home. The virtual table may seem a little overwhelming at first with its scattered numbers, shapes, and symbols, but once you get the hang of it, bitcoin craps is a satisfyingly simple way to fill up your virtual wallet. A game of such great popularity surely cannot be as complicated as it looks at a first glance!

Bitcoin craps is one of the casino games with the best odds, so after you’ve gained a little bit of experience and some knowledge of the basic strategies of the game, or if craps is already right up your street, it won’t be long before you are manipulating fate and mastering the bitcoin craps table – and starting to win big.

Bitcoin craps are new but the game itself isn’t…

Craps is believed to be a variation of the Old English game ‘Hazard’, which supposedly comes from a game developed by knights while they were passing the time waiting for the go-ahead to lay siege on a castle in the 12th Century (here you can find out more information if you’re interested: History of craps). The fact that the concept of craps has lasted over hundreds of years proves that it’s an extremely popular game and the evolution of craps into bitcoin craps means it’s even easier for you to feel that rush, from your desktop, mobile phone, iPad (see: iPad Bitcoin Casino) of whichever device you’re into – so what are you waiting for!

What makes bitcoin craps so attractive?

The payment and player anonymity play a big part. You can play bitcoin craps completely anonymously, with no need to provide any form of identification as you would in a real casino. Another big plus of playing bitcoin craps is that playing online gives you more time, allowing you to ponder over your betting strategy and to concentrate on your next move under no pressure. And if you’re not the most social or outgoing type, playing solo online will offer you a little relief, leaving you alone with fate and in charge of your own game – not that that makes the game any less exciting! Playing bitcoin craps means instant withdrawals too, which is what’s so special about playing with bitcoin.

Fancy trying bitcoin craps out for free first?

If you want to give bitcoin craps a go before you delve into your virtual wallet, https://games.bitcoin.com/craps offers you the chance to test the game out and familiarise yourself with the online version using a stash of test credits they provide you. This way you can find out whether you enjoy bitcoin craps and more importantly, by the time you start playing with real bitcoin, you’ll know your stuff.

Get The Best Online Casino Experience From Betsoft.


You want to provide the most immersive online casino experience, and BETSOFT GAMING is your complete solution for an award-winning operation. Our games are renowned throughout the industry for their state-of-the-art true 3D graphics, provocative audio and intuitive gameplay that will captivate your current players and dazzle new players, encouraging them to return every day for more exciting iGaming entertainment.

The last decade had witnessed an immense growth and advancement in the field of multimedia and computer graphics. This growth has had a great influence in the areas of gaming and entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, gaming tops the list as it has become the most favorite pastime of many computer users. In fact there are several people who take gaming as their profession. There are quite a number of websites that offer a wide variety of games online or on their websites. One such website is http://www.betsoft.com/ that provides numerous free, as well as paid online casino games.

The Betsoft website that has been offering games since 2012 and from then onwards every game developed by this company has contributed to their increase in popularity. Today Betsoft has become one of the most trusted and popular online casino software in the world. Even though the website offers a wide variety of games it loads pretty fast, without the user having to wait for a long time. The Betsoft website is optimized in such a way to perform at its best, giving the users a wonderful gaming experience that makes them want to return for more. Players also have the option to save the games on the online server so that they can continue from where they left off, the next time they come online.

Although Betsoft is famous for their video slots, they also offer a wide array of other games to appease everyone in the gaming community. These games including video poker and table games can be found under the ‘games’ tab in their website. What really sets the Betsoft website apart from most of the other major online casino games is that you can play instantly. As long as you have Adobe Flash in your computer, you can have access to these impressive games whenever you want, without even downloading the games. This offers more flexibility for players who may be using operating systems that don’t not support downloadable software.

The design of the Betsoft website is absolutely stunning with a display of the newly released games on their home page. The website is fast loading and very easy to navigate too. The company is well-known for developing high quality 3D graphics. The realistic 3D graphics and surround acoustics are some of the features that have earned a huge fan base for betsoft games. Their amazing skill in creating mind-boggling and eye-catching graphics is also reflected in the design of their website. The website happens to be the best online hub for those who want to have the best casino experience. It features an extensive collection of more than 150 games that are really addictive. You can also stay informed with the latest news from Betsoft by checking out the press releases.

Betsoft holds a reputation for creating the very best and high quality online games software. They offer some of the most innovative and graphically-advanced games in the industry. If you wish to have an online experience of casino games, please do visit http://www.betsoft.com and try out the different games given under their games section. The top quality gaming features with sensational graphics and sound effects, together with elaborate customization options make BetSoft one of the most favored choices for playing online casino games.

Bitcoin Slots


Online casinos know this, and they feed our desire for gambling by displaying a wide variety of games, with different scenes, and different stories. But, anyway, the smartest decision online casinos have ever made, is introducing Bitcoin Slots, as you get the thrill of the slot machine, plus the advantage of this cryptocurrency.

Baby Steps into Slots…

I’m sure you know what slot machines work like, right? You’ve basically got to press a button until you line up a certain pattern or symbols, being, obviously, all of the same type. Though it’s not all about sitting down a pressing a button; you can also choose how many columns you would like to play with. And as you probably know, the higher number of columns you choose to play with, the higher are the odds of winning. Apart from this, you can also choose how much you would like to bet, and that’s when Bitcoin Slots become handy!

Why choosing Bitcoin Slots?

Bitcoin currency is well known for its anonymity, in other words, most online casinos that work with bitcoin don’t ask for registrations, or fill-in forms; you don’t even need an account. This can be extremely useful if you don’t want to give in any personal information.

But it does not all come down to this; some online casinos don’t let players from other countries to access their games, as their currency works different. Bitcoin casinos don’t work this way, they accept players from all around the world. This means you can play with no obstacles; no matter which country you are at, as Bitcoin doesn’t involve any thirds at transactions.

These three above are the top of the pops! They not only offer you the possibility to play with Bitcoin, but they’ve also got a high rate of payment return: around 99% of profits end up going back to the player, while the casino only makes profit of the 1% remained.

Tips and guidelines to enjoy Bitcoin Slots

Now that you know how much of an advantage it is to play with Bitcoin slots, rather than regular slots, it’s time to play!

Quite a common thought towards slots is thinking you’ve got no control over the game, that it’s all a matter of luck; but there are some tips that can help you drive that luck your way. First of all, one must choose a slot that has got a high rate of payment, like those three written above. They’ve got a rate of payment around 97%. If you play with those Bitocin Slots above, you will certainly have higher chances of winning, when compared to a regular slot with a rate of payment return around 80%.

Once you’ve chosen which Bitcoin Slot you’ll play with, you should play with the maximum quantity of Bitcoins you can. This might sound risky, but if you sneak through the payment table, you figure out that those who bet higher, tend to make more profit! However, you must think wisely, don’t bet all your money in one go!

Another important tip, is to change slot every now and then. If you win a big prize, it will surely take time for it to hand you in another one.

And the most important of all: you’ve got to learn to stop once you’ve made a good profit, or when you just keep losing, you don’t want to end up with no Bitcoins left at the end of the day. It’s good to make small pauses, relax for a while, and hesitate whether if it’s a good idea to continue, or you should just stop.

Whatever you choose, we wish you a joyful game, full of luck and excitement; 100% guaranteed at Bitcoin Slots.

Ezugi Bitcoin Casino



Ezugi is a games developer that has found its spot in the online gambling market and has burrowed in. Ezugi specializes in live dealer casino games that come with numerous additional features. Ezugi is the go-to company if you’re looking for a live dealer game. This company has a wide range of different variations of classic table and card games to enjoy and you can find them in all of the biggest online casinos

Considering the wealth of game developers out there and the fierce competition in the online gambling market, finding a way to isolate yourself from the pack and establish yourself as a viable solution owing to an area of expertise or a very specific product is the best way to guarantee success.

Ezugi is an example of one such developer who has found its niche and has worked hard on maintaining it while growing as a company and continuously updating its product. Ezugi is a name that you can see in a whole host of different online casinos and this is because it has quickly established itself as the leading name when it comes to providing live dealer games for online casinos. Ezugi has gradually become the go-to name for those casinos who are looking for the live dealer option and this is reflected in the presence of Ezugi at countless different online casinos, especially those who appear in the upper ends of the ‘Best Casino’ lists.

Ezugi offers live dealer versions of most table games and a variety of card games. Roulette, baccarat, keno, lottery, and roll of dice are all available, while the card games you can find include various variations of poker and blackjack. Ezugi’s live dealer version are thoroughly developed products with numerous additional features apart from the gameplay itself. Some of these games include multi-player possibilities, live chat with both players and support, dealer tipping, side bets, music, customizable chips, social media connections and the ability to play in several games at once.

Ezugi games are synonymous with live dealer games and, as such, these games can be found in a lot of online casinos. As mentioned, it is a big name when it comes to living dealer games and you will find that most casinos that offer live dealer games source them from Ezugi. Leading online casinos like mBit Casino, Mars Casino, Playamo Casino, Vegas Casino, BitStarz Casino, and Oshi.io are just a few of the ones where the live dealer software is provided by Ezugi.

Unfortunately, as its products are all live dealer versions, it is not possible to find free-to-play versions of Ezugi games but if you have ever played live dealer games at an online casino, the chances are it was an Ezugi product. If you haven’t tried any live dealer games, then you could do a lot worse than try one of the games designed by a company who dedicates itself to the format and one that has clearly done a good job considering the number of casinos that place their confidence in Ezugi by using their software.

Limopay Casino


A mainstay of the online casino world, Limoplay has been on the go for over fifteen years now. So what can you expect from a casino with such longevity? Some very generous sign-up and deposit bonuses, for starters. There are also plenty of games to choose from and they come in all shapes and sizes. Different variants of blackjack, slots, table games, and poker are all available here so you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

Limoplay Casino is an online casino that has been in operation since 2015, though its roots in the online gambling community run a lot deeper, counting on fifteen years of experience in the online gambling sector. Limoplay Casino is a name that frequently appears on the lists of top Bitcoin casinos so it’s worth taking a closer look at just what it is it has to offer and why it is that it is such a popular site among online gamblers.

Powered by SoftSwiss’ gambling technology, Limoplay Casino has a slick layout with bright, attractive colors to lure you in and striking models in their banner to leave you feeling impressed by their setup. There’s a latest winners banner running across the page as well as plenty of help and information about whatever doubt you may have.

Limoplay bonuses

Limoplay Casino is an attractive prospect for many online gamblers purely because it has plenty of bonuses for you to sink your teeth into. Simply signing up entitles you to 1BTC and 100 free spins in Fruit Zen and Bomanji. After that, the welcome bonus offers you a percentage (first and fourth, 25%, second and third, 50%) bonus up to 0.25BTC for the first four deposits you make. High rollers are also welcomed with an extra 1BTC and 100 free spins for Fruit Zen and Bomanji.

But its not just these bonuses that you can look forward to at Limoplay Casino. There are also several regular promotions being run at Limoplay Casino which any and all players can avail of. Every Monday, you can take advantage of the Reload Bonus and get 50% extra when you deposit at least 0.05BTC. As well as this, Tuesdays are known as Free Spin Tuesdays and you can get 25 free spins for Fruit Zen and Bomanji if you deposit at least 0.2BTC.

Have a look at these games

Limoplay Casino possesses an Aladdin’s Cave of games, with more than 1,000 titles to choose from. These games come from all strands of the online casino sphere, with the possibility to play blackjack, slots, roulette, video poker, lottery, jackpot, and several live versions as well. The companies behind this immense selection of games are some of the biggest ones around, including the likes of Amatic Industries, Endorphina, SoftSwiss, BetSoft, and PocketDice.

Anything else you want to know?

Limoplay Casino has some geoblocking in effect so players from territories with stricter online gambling laws in effect may struggle to access the site. Several different currencies are accepted by Limoplay Casino. Along with Bitcoin, several fiat currencies, such as the British pound and the US Dollar are also able to be used at this casino. As well as these currencies, Limoplay Casino offers a wealth of payment options, quite possibly the most extensive list available for one of the most prominent online casinos.

Vegas Casino


Vegas Casino is split into three areas: casino, sportsbook and live dealers, making it easier to decide when you enter the site. While a relatively young bitcoin casino, it has plenty of offers and promotions in a bid to get people playing. It has a very nice design which makes it a comfortable site to use and you will have little trouble in being able to make your way around the various options and finding the game for you.

What’s the place most associated with gambling in this day and age? Las Vegas, of course. As the online casino community begins to gain ground on their brick-and-mortar rivals, it was only a matter of time before one of them came up with a casino idea that aimed to blend the aesthetics of Sin City and the online world: that is to say, the look and feel of the City of Lights and the latest in online gambling innovations, namely the use of bitcoin for all your betting desires.

Vegas Casino has been around since 2015 and shows no sign of slowing up. With an expanding range of games to choose from, all done through the revolutionary medium of bitcoin, you will have plenty to think about before making your mind up. Numerous bonuses are also on offer to grab your attention and, as its user base continues to grow, you can be sure you won’t be the only one looking to strike it lucky at Vegas Casino.

What to expect when you first enter

On entering Vegas Casino, you are immediately met with details of its welcome bonus and how to go for it. If you move around a bit, you can find links to other parts of the site such as how to get bitcoins, information about even more promotions to get your hands on and, by scrolling down a bit, you get to have a look at the games available, as well as more information about the casino itself and the various policies it is governed by, such as its relations with its affiliates, privacy and responsible gaming.

By sifting through the detail, you’ll discover that Vegas Casino stresses the importance it places on guaranteeing the fairness of each game so you, the player, will be safe in the knowledge that it’s a fair game you’re playing.

So, what about those bonuses?

Don’t worry, Vegas Casino has several bonus offers available to entice you to hang around and keep playing at its site. The industry-standard Welcome Bonus is worth 100% of your first deposit, up to 1000 MBTC, and 50% of your second deposit, once again, up to 1000 MBTC. There’s also a Reload Bonus available which is available and is worth up to 25% of your deposit up to 1000 MBTC. The real beauty is that the Reload Bonus can be activated up to five times a day! The final part of its bonus offers is the VIP programme, which is an invite extended to the biggest players on the site. As well as these bonuses, there are numerous games promotions which run regularly so there’s always something on the go.

The games available

Vegas Casino boasts a collection of games provided by BetSoft, Endorphina and Novomatic, among others which leads to the possibility of playing some of the market’s most popular games, such as Satoshi’s Secret, Book of Ra and many others. At the moment, there are currently more than 250 games for you to choose from. Slots, video poker, classic table games like baccarat and roulette, blackjack and lottery games are all available, as well as games with live dealers and sportsbook.

There is also the possibility to try out various games for free in ‘practice’ mode where you’ll have no obligation to place a bet or create an account. There’s no better way to get started and find out if these games are for you.

What else do I need to know?

There are no geographical restrictions in effect at Vegas Casino. The important thing to remember about Vegas Casino is that bitcoin is king; you won’t be able to play with other currencies here. The casino promises safe and secure gambling (with details on the methods it uses to do this) for both desktop and mobile gaming.

Cloudbet Casino


Cloudbet Casino is a bitcoin casino with a wide range of possibilities. It boasts a welcome bonus of up to 5BTC. CloudBet has a particular focus on sports betting with a lot of development on this side. Its website has a distinctive layout, one that is very different compared to the usual casino sites you find online. CloudBet also place particular emphasis on the safety of your deposits and stresses its customer support network.

Cloudbet is one of the leading Bitcoin casinos around and has carved a very successful niche for itself. With the focus at Cloudbet primarily being on all kinds of sports betting, this site is able to set itself apart from the large amount of existing Bitcoin casinos by offering a truly unique Bitcoin gambling experience.

But don’t be deterred if you’re not a sports betting fan as, for those players who are after the more typical Bitcoin casinos with casino and slots games, Cloudbet is also a place where you can come along and have a good time by playing from their varied choice of classic casino games.

Founded in November 2013, Cloudbet’s adoption of cryptocurrencies for the gambling activities it offers has seen it grow into one of the biggest Bitcoin casinos around and, probably, the biggest Bitcoin casino with such a considerable amount of attention dedicated to sportsbetting. The choice of sports betting available is quite impressive and surely seals its reputation as the number one Bitcoin sportsbetting site.

Getting started with Cloudbet

Cloudbet has a website covered in black, grey and orange which at times can make the writing a bit difficult to read clearly. There is a straightforward layout with the centre of the screen being where you can find all the information you need about the sports you want to bet on. Two points are emphasised from the start at Cloudbet: Bitcoin and sports. The site has constant mentions of both and you can be sure this is the place for you if that’s what you’re interested in. There is a wealth of information to be found on the homepage for all kinds of possible queries regarding the casino itself, you won’t be left wanting.

What to do at Cloudbet

As mentioned above, and it’s something that can’t be stressed enough, Cloudbet is the home of Bitcoin sportsbetting. There are casino games, and live options too, but the majority of their business comes from the sportsbetting part. There are dozens of professional sports listed that you can bet on, with all the big ones available. There is also in-play and live betting available. On their quest to be the leading Bitcoin sportsbetting casino, Cloudbet have a big advantage.

Bonuses at Cloudbet

Cloudbet has also made a name for itself by providing a generous welcome bonus, probably the most generous of all Bitcoin casinos around. With a 100% matching bonus that can be activated if you deposit up to 5BTC, you know that this is a special place. The better part is that bonus doesn’t come along all in one go: the bonus is activated by loyalty points. The more you play, the more points you get and the more BTC from your bonus will be added to your account. This can go on for up to a year so it is quite a unique welcome bonus.

What else do I need to know about Cloudbet?

There’s a high rollers initiative in place which allows for higher betting limits than other sites. It is possible to bet up to 200BTC. Similarly, deposits have no limits and they will be conducted instantly with the money arriving in your account in seconds. Withdrawals can take up to 24 hours so speed is another virtue that Cloudbet and its users can count on. Security is another priority for those in charge at Cloudbet as they avail of a 2-step authentication process to guarantee you’re the one accessing your account.

Dogecoin Casino


One example is dogecoin. It was inspired by the popular online meme which burst onto the scene in 2013. The meme’s populartiy was the main factor in establishing the cryptocurrency which, bit by bit, is gaining more traction in the online world.

What is dogecoin?

Similar to bitcoin, dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that uses an electronic wallet to make and receive transactions. In another similarity to bitcoin, its design and concept allow for the near-anonymous use of the currency. The currency’s name and design pay homage to the Doge meme which itself uses a photo of a Shiba Inu dog with poor grammar and humourous observations. This in itself suggests that the creators of dogecoin didn’t want it to be taken too seriously and wanted it to be used in a fun way.

Dogecoin casinos

Much like bitcoin, the creation and sudden growth of dogecoin has led to it being adapted for use as another currency for online casinos and the inception of dedicated dogecoin casinos. Just like bitcoin casinos, dogecoin casinos make use of the cryptocurrency to place bets in a safe and secure way and without all the hassle associated with the online use of traditional currencies.

While not yet as visible or popular as bitcoin, dogecoin is a growing force in the online casino community and, gradually, some of the established online casinos are getting involved and trying to bring dogecoin into the mainstream, FortuneJack being one of the most high profile of the online casinos to welcome dogecoin on board.

What to expect with dogecoin casinos?

As with all cryptocurrency casinos, dogecoin casinos offer all kinds of casino games for you to enjoy with plenty of variation among them. On GamblingBitcoin.com there is a large selection to choose from and you can find a list of some of the games and where to find them here. The signing-up process is as simple as ever and just the same as those you can find with most online casinos that deal in cryptocurrencies.

The overall gambling experience of dogecoin casinos is largely similar to the experience of all cryptocurrency-accepting casinos. You have access to all the same games and the same payment systems and sign-up processes are in use, the only real difference is the use of a different currency to complete your transactions and while dogecoin is still finding its feet in terms of online acceptance, it is growing and more online casinos are opening their doors to this cryptocurrency so the opportunities to play online with it will only continue to increase.