Diamond cats from Amatic Industries


They say that dogs are man’s best friend and while it is true that dogs are more affectionate and seem to be more appreciative of the attention you lavish upon them, if you happen to try out this particularly popular online casino slots game, you might find yourself reconsidering this age-old refrain as these particular cats are quite generous, as well as being cute, and will quickly make you forget about your other four-legged friends as there is a lot of money to be won in this heartwarming game.

Diamond Cats is one of Amatic Industries’ biggest titles and easily one of the most popular to be found at online casinos. Many people may wonder what exactly does it have that contributes to its enduring success? Simply put, it’s its charm. Diamond Cats slots take the regular slots machine concept of five reels and twenty pay lines and throw in a feline theme in what is a refreshingly unique twist of an industry favorite.

The gameplay itself is straightforward and no different from other Amatic titles or countless other online casino slots machines that are to be found in all corners of the Internet. You choose your bet and your lines, press start and the reels start rolling. Bonus Spins are possible if the Bonus Spin Scatter Symbol appears three times. You will get 10 bonus spins and your winnings in these spins are added up until your last one and then merged with your overall tally. There are also Wild Cards to set you up for even bigger jackpots. The additional gamble game is a simple, colors or suits choice game. Autoplay is also available.

The fun with Diamond Cats comes with a light-hearted approach to the game that the developers took. Once you roll the reels, you are met with faces of cute cats that stand in for the normal symbols. There is a bouncy soundtrack to add to the upbeat vibe of this game. Its popularity could easily be dismissed as being a haven for cat lovers but the fact that this is a game that regularly pays out, isn’t overly complicated and doesn’t take itself too seriously is surely enough to convince a large number of online casino regulars to stop and check it out. The fun you’ll have and the entertainment value you’ll get while playing this game is something that is rarely achieved by other slots games.

Diamond Cats slots do what it says on the tin: it’s an online casino slots game with charming pictures of our feline friends and it gives its players decent returns. What more could you want? If you’re interested in giving this game a try, there are plenty of free versions to be found around the Internet before you try out the real deal. It is possible to play at the Amatic casino site.



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