Bitcoin Video Poker


Everything is virtually the same in bitcoin video poker as the real-life version you’re used to; the ranking of the hands is exactly the same, from that royal flush straight down to your highest card – the only thing noticeably different is it’s you alone with your hand against the computer and you’re playing for bitcoin, which is in itself gives the game a special edge.

Why bitcoin video poker over classic poker?

Bitcoin video poker you can play alone, so whether or not you’re a good bluffer doesn’t come into it; no intimidation, less pressure. There’s also complete player anonymity so when you want to play bitcoin video poker without delay, you can because there’s no need to provide any identification or documentation before playing.

Then you have 99% payouts. Let’s repeat that because it sounds so good. 99% payouts! That’s on top of the bonuses you’ll get if you’re a serious bitcoin video poker player.

Another benefit of playing bitcoin video poker is that you’re not limited to a specific number of hands, meaning you can play for as long or short a time as you like, with emphasis on a shorter period of time – you can take advantage of those dull daily commutes to slip in a little bit of poker to pass the time in a much more exciting way, and it means when you’re up for a bit of poker, you don’t have to slog it out for hours as you might do in a casino. And don’t forget you reap the same instant cashout (and in) benefits playing bitcoin video poker as you do when you play many other bitcoin games!

Is bitcoin video poker fair?

Yes, very! The bitcoin video poker computer has a built-in random number generator, which assures fairness and randomness throughout your gameplay.

Getting started on bitcoin video poker

Like most Bitcoin games, you can test out bitcoin video poker before you invest any actual bitcoin, so it might be worth having a go and giving those test credits a whirl in order to get a feel for the rules and payouts of bitcoin video poker before diving straight in with your bitcoin. As long as you know a little bit about poker hands, i.e. the cards to hold and to discard in order to get you a win that corresponds with the game’s specific paytable (see List of poker hands if you’re a little rusty), in no time at all you’ll be on the way to winning that bitcoin video poker progressive jackpot.

What have you got to lose?

You can get bitcoin video poker anywhere where there’s an Internet connection. And there’s not really much more to it – poker is an absolute classic and now you know all about bitcoin video poker there’s nothing stopping you from preparing your bitcoin wallet for a ride you know you’re going to enjoy.


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