Bitcoin Lottery


Because of the sheer amount of money that is available to be won, it is understandable that many people take part in lotteries all around the world. National lotteries inspire myths about its life-changing qualities and media frenzies can be whipped up if the jackpot continues to climb higher and higher. Jackpot winners are turned into national celebrities overnight and their stories are held up as inspiration for others as proof of how great life can be if you buy a ticket and pick the right numbers.

Lotteries themselves have also led to their own rituals. There are plenty of people who always pick the same set of numbers and use them week in, week out in the hope that their lucky numbers prove their worth. They can be absolutely random or they can be numbers that have a special significance such as birthdays, ages, special dates. This ritual contributes to the magic of the game and lottery winners are constantly asked about the significance of their chosen numbers. There are also tips on how to win the lottery.

Lotteries have existed for hundreds of years with the same principle always in effect: Choose a string of numbers from a group and the more you get right, the more money you can win. Different lotteries make use of different formats but most will payout amounts if you can get several of the numbers right and the payout increases if you get more of them. Additionally, some lotteries have more than one draw while special numbers also exist to give players an extra chance of picking up more prize money.

As with many other games, lotteries have been adopted for the online world and with the innovations in online gambling, most notably, the emergence of cryptocurrencies, many of these online lotteries have followed suit and taken these innovations on board. Online lottery exists as does the Bitcoin lottery. As we are devoted to all things related to Bitcoin and gambling and many things in between, we are also aware that the Bitcoin lottery is now in existence and proves to be quite popular among online punters.

Bitcoin lottery is available at a wide range of Bitcoin casinos, with the likes of FortuneJack, mBit,, BetChain, Vegas Casino and BetCoin being just some of the sites where you can try your luck with your very own set of lucky numbers. If you want to try for free, the Bitcoin lottery is the way to go.


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