Aztec Magic SoftSwiss


How to play?

Being a game that was developed by online casino gaming giants SoftSwiss, you know that Aztec Magic is going to be a special and reliable game purely by being a product of one of the market leaders.

Aztec Magic SoftSwiss

The game relies on a colourful Aztec theme for its background and overall layout while the soundtrack is provided by exotic panpipes and softly-booming drums to send you back in time to the Aztec period of Central America. The numbers and symbols are designed in an Aztec-inspired way, basing themselves on the cave-writings of the time and using a combination of different, typical images of warriors and priestesses for their picture cards.

It makes use of a traditional 15-line, 5-reel setup. The game allows for plenty of player-driven modification in terms of activating and deactivating paylines and also allows the user to have a lot of control over the spins and bet values.

The game has both a Wild and a Scatter feature. The Wild feature is brought on by a winning Warrior combination and trebles your winnings while the Scatter feature is activated by the Aztec priestess and allows for a number of free spins, depending on the number of Aztec priestesses that are on display.

There is also a Gamble option which will appear when you win and needs to be activated by the player. It’s a fairly simple game of guessing the card by suit or colour. If you guess the colour correctly, you double your winnings while guessing the correct suit will quadruple your total for the round.

What do we think of Aztec Magic?

Aztec Magic has an impressive design and does well to capture the Aztec atmosphere in a genuine way, completely avoiding any cartoonish caricatures. It has a simple premise and draws you in with its colourful display and soothing atmosphere. It isn’t a challenging game, however, and there is not a lot of variation in the gameply, leading it to become somewhat repetitive after a few spins.

The Gamble option helps break up the monotony but apart from this, there is little in the way of anything new in terms of gameplay that you wouldn’t expect to find in most other slot games. It is a standard slot game and up there with the best of them in terms of graphics but there is no special gimmick to lure you in deeper. After a few spins, you will get the feeling that there’s nothing new to experience in the game and that if you keep playing, you’ll just keep picking up a few wins.

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