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Bitcoin Lottery


Because of the sheer amount of money that is available to be won, it is understandable that many people take part in lotteries all around the world. National lotteries inspire myths about its life-changing qualities and media frenzies can be whipped up if the jackpot continues to climb higher and higher. Jackpot winners are turned into national celebrities overnight and their stories are held up as inspiration for others as proof of how great life can be if you buy a ticket and pick the right numbers.

Lotteries themselves have also led to their own rituals. There are plenty of people who always pick the same set of numbers and use them week in, week out in the hope that their lucky numbers prove their worth. They can be absolutely random or they can be numbers that have a special significance such as birthdays, ages, special dates. This ritual contributes to the magic of the game and lottery winners are constantly asked about the significance of their chosen numbers. There are also tips on how to win the lottery.

Lotteries have existed for hundreds of years with the same principle always in effect: Choose a string of numbers from a group and the more you get right, the more money you can win. Different lotteries make use of different formats but most will payout amounts if you can get several of the numbers right and the payout increases if you get more of them. Additionally, some lotteries have more than one draw while special numbers also exist to give players an extra chance of picking up more prize money.

As with many other games, lotteries have been adopted for the online world and with the innovations in online gambling, most notably, the emergence of cryptocurrencies, many of these online lotteries have followed suit and taken these innovations on board. Online lottery exists as does the Bitcoin lottery. As we are devoted to all things related to Bitcoin and gambling and many things in between, we are also aware that the Bitcoin lottery is now in existence and proves to be quite popular among online punters.

Bitcoin lottery is available at a wide range of Bitcoin casinos, with the likes of FortuneJack, mBit, BitcoinCasino.io, BetChain, Vegas Casino and BetCoin being just some of the sites where you can try your luck with your very own set of lucky numbers. If you want to try for free, the Bitcoin lottery is the way to go.

Diamond cats from Amatic Industries


They say that dogs are man’s best friend and while it is true that dogs are more affectionate and seem to be more appreciative of the attention you lavish upon them, if you happen to try out this particularly popular online casino slots game, you might find yourself reconsidering this age-old refrain as these particular cats are quite generous, as well as being cute, and will quickly make you forget about your other four-legged friends as there is a lot of money to be won in this heartwarming game.

Diamond Cats is one of Amatic Industries’ biggest titles and easily one of the most popular to be found at online casinos. Many people may wonder what exactly does it have that contributes to its enduring success? Simply put, it’s its charm. Diamond Cats slots take the regular slots machine concept of five reels and twenty pay lines and throw in a feline theme in what is a refreshingly unique twist of an industry favorite.

The gameplay itself is straightforward and no different from other Amatic titles or countless other online casino slots machines that are to be found in all corners of the Internet. You choose your bet and your lines, press start and the reels start rolling. Bonus Spins are possible if the Bonus Spin Scatter Symbol appears three times. You will get 10 bonus spins and your winnings in these spins are added up until your last one and then merged with your overall tally. There are also Wild Cards to set you up for even bigger jackpots. The additional gamble game is a simple, colors or suits choice game. Autoplay is also available.

The fun with Diamond Cats comes with a light-hearted approach to the game that the developers took. Once you roll the reels, you are met with faces of cute cats that stand in for the normal symbols. There is a bouncy soundtrack to add to the upbeat vibe of this game. Its popularity could easily be dismissed as being a haven for cat lovers but the fact that this is a game that regularly pays out, isn’t overly complicated and doesn’t take itself too seriously is surely enough to convince a large number of online casino regulars to stop and check it out. The fun you’ll have and the entertainment value you’ll get while playing this game is something that is rarely achieved by other slots games.

Diamond Cats slots do what it says on the tin: it’s an online casino slots game with charming pictures of our feline friends and it gives its players decent returns. What more could you want? If you’re interested in giving this game a try, there are plenty of free versions to be found around the Internet before you try out the real deal. It is possible to play at the Amatic casino site.


Aztec Magic SoftSwiss


How to play?

Being a game that was developed by online casino gaming giants SoftSwiss, you know that Aztec Magic is going to be a special and reliable game purely by being a product of one of the market leaders.

Aztec Magic SoftSwiss

The game relies on a colourful Aztec theme for its background and overall layout while the soundtrack is provided by exotic panpipes and softly-booming drums to send you back in time to the Aztec period of Central America. The numbers and symbols are designed in an Aztec-inspired way, basing themselves on the cave-writings of the time and using a combination of different, typical images of warriors and priestesses for their picture cards.

It makes use of a traditional 15-line, 5-reel setup. The game allows for plenty of player-driven modification in terms of activating and deactivating paylines and also allows the user to have a lot of control over the spins and bet values.

The game has both a Wild and a Scatter feature. The Wild feature is brought on by a winning Warrior combination and trebles your winnings while the Scatter feature is activated by the Aztec priestess and allows for a number of free spins, depending on the number of Aztec priestesses that are on display.

There is also a Gamble option which will appear when you win and needs to be activated by the player. It’s a fairly simple game of guessing the card by suit or colour. If you guess the colour correctly, you double your winnings while guessing the correct suit will quadruple your total for the round.

What do we think of Aztec Magic?

Aztec Magic has an impressive design and does well to capture the Aztec atmosphere in a genuine way, completely avoiding any cartoonish caricatures. It has a simple premise and draws you in with its colourful display and soothing atmosphere. It isn’t a challenging game, however, and there is not a lot of variation in the gameply, leading it to become somewhat repetitive after a few spins.

The Gamble option helps break up the monotony but apart from this, there is little in the way of anything new in terms of gameplay that you wouldn’t expect to find in most other slot games. It is a standard slot game and up there with the best of them in terms of graphics but there is no special gimmick to lure you in deeper. After a few spins, you will get the feeling that there’s nothing new to experience in the game and that if you keep playing, you’ll just keep picking up a few wins.

If you want to have a free spin, you can find a free version at Vegas Slot Online.

Bitcoin Dice


Of course, as all classic games of this kind are being developed for online use, it’s only natural that Dice would also be adapted for online gaming. And here at GoldBitcoinCasino, our job is to keep you informed about games in the bitcoin gaming environment so here we’ll have a closer look at bitcoin Dice.

How big is bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin Dice is now becoming available on many sites and in many different forms so there’s plenty of possibilities for you to look into and find the bitcoin Dice game that suits you best. Almost all Bitcoin gaming sites have a wide range of Dice games with slight differences to avoid any monotony or boredom. Bitcoin Dice is a relatively basic game which in turn leads to its popularity as a game.

Why try bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin Dice is a game that a lot of sites now offer for free as its simplicity is a good starting point for beginners and less experienced online gamers. Getting the hang of Dice and tapping into the excitement of picking up small wins is what gets players interested and gives them the urge to go on and try other games. Bitcoin Dice can serve as a stepping stone on your path to a more detailed and fuller online bitcoin gaming experience.

Where to play Bitcoin Dice?

At GoldBitcoinCasino, we are compiling lists of bitcoin casino sites and also preparing reviews of the games that each particular site offers. The abundance of bitcoin Dice games that are out there on almost every site means that we are also researching, testing out and reviewing these games so that we can save you time in your search for the bitcoin Dice game you want to start with. You don’t need to go out and try the countless games that are available, we’ve already done it for you and a quick look through our reviews should help you in your quest to find the right one.

When to start?

These games are already out there, waiting for you to play them, try your luck and collect your winnings. Bitcoin Dice is one of the biggest games out there and one of the easiest to sink your teeth into if you are a novice and one of the classics for more experienced gamers who may be wanting to go back and fall in love all over again with the game. As bitcoin casinos grow, the opportunities to play your favorite games will continue to grow and using bitcoin as your currency for gaming means you’ll be able to play on a whole host of different sites and platforms from different countries, pitting yourself against thousands of gamers from around the world.countries, pitting yourself against thousands of gamers from around the world.

If you like the look of this type of game and you’re interested in trying some out, follow this link and have a look at our review of some of the Dice games offered by some of the biggest bitcoin casinos out there.

Bitcoin Video Poker


Everything is virtually the same in bitcoin video poker as the real-life version you’re used to; the ranking of the hands is exactly the same, from that royal flush straight down to your highest card – the only thing noticeably different is it’s you alone with your hand against the computer and you’re playing for bitcoin, which is in itself gives the game a special edge.

Why bitcoin video poker over classic poker?

Bitcoin video poker you can play alone, so whether or not you’re a good bluffer doesn’t come into it; no intimidation, less pressure. There’s also complete player anonymity so when you want to play bitcoin video poker without delay, you can because there’s no need to provide any identification or documentation before playing.

Then you have 99% payouts. Let’s repeat that because it sounds so good. 99% payouts! That’s on top of the bonuses you’ll get if you’re a serious bitcoin video poker player.

Another benefit of playing bitcoin video poker is that you’re not limited to a specific number of hands, meaning you can play for as long or short a time as you like, with emphasis on a shorter period of time – you can take advantage of those dull daily commutes to slip in a little bit of poker to pass the time in a much more exciting way, and it means when you’re up for a bit of poker, you don’t have to slog it out for hours as you might do in a casino. And don’t forget you reap the same instant cashout (and in) benefits playing bitcoin video poker as you do when you play many other bitcoin games!

Is bitcoin video poker fair?

Yes, very! The bitcoin video poker computer has a built-in random number generator, which assures fairness and randomness throughout your gameplay.

Getting started on bitcoin video poker

Like most Bitcoin games, you can test out bitcoin video poker before you invest any actual bitcoin, so it might be worth having a go and giving those test credits a whirl in order to get a feel for the rules and payouts of bitcoin video poker before diving straight in with your bitcoin. As long as you know a little bit about poker hands, i.e. the cards to hold and to discard in order to get you a win that corresponds with the game’s specific paytable (see List of poker hands if you’re a little rusty), in no time at all you’ll be on the way to winning that bitcoin video poker progressive jackpot.

What have you got to lose?

You can get bitcoin video poker anywhere where there’s an Internet connection. And there’s not really much more to it – poker is an absolute classic and now you know all about bitcoin video poker there’s nothing stopping you from preparing your bitcoin wallet for a ride you know you’re going to enjoy.

Amatic Industries


With so many games to choose from when you enter an online casino, picking the right one for you can be somewhat overwhelming. At every gambling site, there is going to be a wide range of games for you to choose from, usually in the hundreds. An easy way to narrow down your options is to pick a game supplier that you know and can trust. There are many high-profile game developers out there and Amatic Industries is one example, being one of the most popular game suppliers for online casinos around.

Amatic is home to dozens of different casino games with a wide variation among their titles, the most prestigious being the Roulette Grand Jeu. Though originally a purveyor of land-based gaming machines, Amatic has successfully transitioned many of its titles to the online casino world. In fact, quite a few of the big-name online casinos have Amatic games in their collection and this looks set to increase in the coming years.

Amatic Industries has nearly a quarter of a century’s experience in the field of casino gaming development. With its base in Austria, the company has gone on to become a global force in casino gaming with its production of all manner of casino materials, from gaming cabinets and VLT machines to online and mobile games to casino management systems. Its expansive range of internet gambling solutions and its experience with a wide array of different gambling products over a long period of time greatly benefits the development of its merchandise and clients and players alike can be sure of Amatic’s quality.

Amatic will be most familiar to our readers who frequent bitcoin casinos and have already tried some of their products, such as their long line of online slots games. The most popular of these titles is undoubtedly Diamond Cats, a game that can be played at practically every online casino and frequently appears in the ‘Most Popular’ categories of various online Bitcoin casinos. The game itself is a simple creation: a regular slot game with pictures of different cats popping up as the symbols. A light-hearted take on the classic slots game, it has been a major hit with players around the world.

Other well-known titles to come from the Austrian suppliers include Eye of Ra, the Billy the Canary series of games, Wild Shark, Bells On Fire and Fire & Ice, though this is merely the tip of the iceberg as Amatic have an enormous collection of slots games in their vaults and they are constantly adding to the collection with new titles appearing all the time.

Amatic’s games rely on retro-style graphics that will remind players in their 20s and 30s of the graphics found in computer games from the late 80s and early 90s. The players themselves have grown up and found other ways to enjoy video games but the visual style that is typical of Amatic’s products harks back to the days of the Super Nintendo and the SEGA Mega Drive. Nostalgia sure is one way to get players interested in your product as Amatic titles regularly listed among the most played across various Bitcoin casinos.

If you’re interested in trying out some of these games for free, it is possible to do just that at the Amatic casino site. As mentioned Amatic’s games are a popular choice in the online gambling world and sites such as Loki, MegaWins, BetChain, TTR, Oshi, 7Bit, mBit, Playamo, Limoplay, and Bitstarz are just some of the Bitcoin casinos which count Amatic titles among their gaming catalog.

Casino Gambling


Even if we’ve never played the game, we know what it consists of thanks to the huge cultural significance this game has.

Like all the other casino games, roulette has been adapted so it can be played in an online version. The mechanics of this casino favourite are the same as ever. And, of course, with the rise of bitcoin gambling and the abundance of bitcoin casinos, we can now avail of the chance to play bitcoin roulette, another spin on this classic.

Getting started

Before you get playing, it’s important to remember that there are two types of roulette: the American variation and its European cousin.The only difference being the second green place (00) in the American version. The second green place makes it statistically a bit more complicated to win in the American version. Whether American or European roulette is the one that tickles your fancy, the possibilities for your betting are multiple. You can pick colours, numbers, odds or evens, different groups or different combinations.

There’s not much to playing this game, just pick a colour or number you like and watch the wheel spin and the ball bounce. Part of the game’s appeal comes from the fact that it is a relatively simple game that’s easy to pick up. Try a few spins of this free version to get a feel for the game!

Where to play?

Bitcoin roulette is one of the most popular bitcoin gambling games and can be found at most bitcoin casinos. Choosing the site for you requires the same consideration that you will need for choosing any bitcoin gambling site and playing any bitcoin game. As ever, you can have a look through the sites listed here and browse through our casino reviews while you make your mind up.

Inspiring stories

Such an iconic game is going to have a dearth of stories associated with it. Whether you’re feeling lucky or are in need of a success story to give you the push needed to get started, we are going to take the opportunity to tell you about a special story of how this simple game changed one man’s life.

In this video, you can see the moment Ashley Revell, a professional gambler from the United Kingdom, placed a single bet of $135,500, his entire life savings, on a game of roulette. He had scraped the money together by selling off his possessions and gradually accumulating the sum that he carried with him. He entered the Plaza Hotel & Casino one day in 2004. He approached the roulette table and placed his massive sum on red. The wheel spun and the ball followed before finally landing on 7 red. This simple bet of his life savings resulted in a $270,600 pot for the gambler and he used it to found his own company, an online poker venture called Poker UTD.

Where to play?

Follow this link to have a look at our very own comparison of the roulette games you can find at some of the internet’s most popular bitcoin gambling sites.

Bitcoin Blackjack


If you also are curious to know some of the casino’s Bitcoin where to play blackjack, do not hesitate to have a peek at our dedicated blog!

The appearance of the Bitcoin Blackjack table

A Bitcoin Blackjack table has a semicircular shape. In the circular part, there is space for up to 7 players, the dealer is placed in front of the players. When you sit down you must buy chips from the dealer or bring them from another table. Only those chips placed in the betting circle will count as your bet. After all bets are made the game begins.

The objective of the Bitcoin Blackjack

In Bitcoin Blackjack, each player plays against the dealer. The goal of the game is to get 21 points or at least get -without going over- a value closer to 21 than the dealer. The value of each card in Blackjack is as follows: the pip cards are worth their value, the face cards are worth 10 and the ace can count as either 1 or 11, whichever suits the player more.

The maximum hand of the game is known as a “Blackjack”, a player has “Blackjack” when his two initial cards add 21, i.e., be an ace and a card with the value of 10 (the 10 or any face cards). The sum of 21 with more than two cards is not called “Blackjack”.

How to play Bitcoin Blackjack and place bets

At the beginning of the game each player must make his initial bet after all players have made their bets, the dealer will say “no more” to close the betting round and start with the dealing of the cards. The dealer will deal two cards face up to each player and one to himself, but face down. After these cards are dealt, the dealer will ask the player on his left to play his hand, (this position is known as first base). After this player plays his hand, the dealer asks the next player, and so on, until finally, it is the dealer who plays his hand.

Players that stay further away from 21 than the dealer, or are over 21, will lose their bets. Players that tie with the dealer do not win or lose, they recover their bets. The winning bets with the bitcoin Blackjack are paid 3 to 2 providing the dealer does not get one at the same time, the rest of winning bets, and players that are closer to 21 than the dealer, will be paid 1 x 1.

Each player only has one turn to play his hand, being possible:

  • Hitting: A player will be able to draw as many cards as he wants while his hand is under 21 points. To point out to the dealer you want a hit, you will tap the table in front of you or make a beckoning motion with your hand. If the player asks for a card, and the sum of all the player’s cards is above 21, the dealer will withdraw the cards and collect his bets.
  • Standing: A player can stand anytime, therefore once you are satisfied with either your first two cards or after hitting, you point out to the dealer that you wish to stand. This is done by waving your hand over the top of your cards.
  • Doubling Down: A player can double down his bet, but only at the beginning of his turn, after receiving the initial cards. To double down the bet you must place another bet of the same value as the initial one and you will only receive one more card. Most casinos will allow you to double down on any two cards (DOA). Some casinos limit your doubling to hands that total ten or eleven.
  • Splitting: If you are dealt a pair (two cards of the same rank) you can split these into two separate hands. To do this, you must make a bet equal to the initial one, so that each hand has its own bet. The player will play each hand independently. If after separating a hand you get the score of 21 with two cards, it is not considered Blackjack. With separated hands, you will never be able to get Blackjack. When two aces are separated, only one card will be dealt with each separate hand.


If after the cards are dealt, the dealer’s facing up card is an ace, he will offer the players the possibility to place the insurance bets. You are not really insuring a hand. This is a side bet of the value of half your original bet. You would be wagering on the dealer having a card that is worth 10 together with his ace. If you have a blackjack and the dealer has an ace, without knowing his other card, you will be asked if you would like even money for your blackjack instead of 3 to 2. If you do make the insurance bet and the dealer turns out to have Blackjack, you will lose your original bet but you will win your insurance bet and you’ll be paid 2 to 1.

Bitcoin Poker


Have your wits about you to succeed, especially if you are going up against more seasoned players who have seen it all. Biding your time and waiting for the right moment to strike is crucial, just like the words in Kenny Rogers’ timeless classic advise us: “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em”.

Poker’s popularity has also spread to the online gambling world and has seen various versions of the game being adapted into online ones. As with many other online casinos, a subsequent subsection of online poker has emerged in the form of bitcoin poker. With poker’s prominence in casinos, both real and virtual, and the continued expansion of bitcoin casinos, it was inevitable that the two would be joined together in the form of bitcoin poker.

Where can you play bitcoin poker?

Many online gambling sites, both casinos and poker ones, are now beginning to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as alternative methods of payments as this emerging market is proving to be a very important one with millions of players looking for bitcoin-friendly online gambling sites. The smart ones are acknowledging and adapting to this shift in the online gambling market.

There are also the bitcoin-specific online outlets which deal exclusively in the innovative cryptocurrency and offer a whole host of games that can be funded by and will payout in bitcoin. There is also more possibilities to play poker at online sites as poker is not strictly limited to casino sites, unlike some of the usual casino games like baccarat or roulette. It is also possible to find poker-only gambling sites online and these remove the hassle of searching through casino sites, trying to find the poker games. It also inspires more confidence as you can be sure they are experts in the field of poker owing to their specialisation in the area.

What are the benefits of bitcoin poker?

The benefits of bitcoin poker are the same as those most associated with bitcoin itself: it’s secure, anonymous and transactions can be performed quickly. There’s much less to worry about from a safety point-of-view as there is a considerable distance between your real identity and your bitcoin wallet that these payments are hard to track and don’t require personal information. The speed of bitcoin transactions is near-instant, another bonus.

There are also many online sites that use bitcoin and embrace the anonymous spirit of the cryptocurrency by allowing for accounts that can be created without email addresses and there are even some others which allow you to play without accounts. With all these benefits from a logisitical point-of-view as well as the bitcoins that are out there for you to win, giving bitcoin poker a go is well worth it.



Online gambling is a big industry with millions of people trying their luck every day across the multitude of online casinos that exist throughout the Internet. It is an industry with a long history, having started not long after the Internet reached the mainstream and the possibilities of what could be done with this special technology were fully realized by those involved in brick-and-mortar casinos. The online gambling landscape is continuously expanding with new players and new casinos appearing all the time. There are many parties involved in the process of developing the online gambling sector and here you will find a collection of members of one of the most important groups involved: the game’s developers.

The game’s developers play a crucial role. After all, if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have the games that we love and we wouldn’t be able to play them at will. While for some people gambling will be about the thrill of winning big, there are players out there who appreciate a well-developed game, especially if it’s one that involves a lot of repetition, like slots machines. The ability to make a game that makes the repetitiveness a by-thought is one that requires a lot of skill to develop, as does the ability to produce a game with good replay value. As such, the best game developers are really worth their salt as they can overcome these possible negatives and keep players interested and coming back for more of the same.

There are hundreds of games suppliers out there and they all have something different to offer. The quality of the games can vary greatly but the age-old maxim of the “cream rises to the top” couldn’t be truer here. The game’s developers that you most frequently see at different casinos are usually the most popular ones and their popularity stems from the quality of their product and the enjoyment online gamblers get from playing their games over and over again. The big names have several common themes in their work: innovation, creativity, impressive visual displays, and originality. There are several game developers who bring these themes to the table every time they release a new title so you can be sure that these are the ones to be trusted.

Some of the big names among the games suppliers, those which have their products carried by many of the most popular online casinos, are Endorphina, Habanero Systems, Amatic Industries, Ezugi, Betsoft, SoftSwiss, and NetEnt. These companies regularly deliver titles that provide hours of entertainment and keep their players hooked, inspiring brand loyalty as players know that titles released by these game developers will be of a similar standard to previous ones.

Many of these game developers allow for new players to try out their games for free so if you are in doubt, try them out and if there are any titles you like from them, you can be sure you’ll find more of them to enjoy.